Host your own Boozestorming Community

Now is finally the time. After several years of hosting and refining, it’s finally time to empower other creative drinkers and thinkers who want to change the world one sip at a time. We are starting slowly and only adding 10 to 20 communities/chapters per quarter. World domination shouldn’t be rushed.

By hosting Boozestorming you (the host) will bring a small group of people together, typically on a monthly or quarterly basis, to drink outside the box. Boozestorming takes place in homes, backyards, art galleries and other intimate locations. This is not a bar-based event. You will want there to be a comfortable and creative sense of place. If you are interested, please complete the form below and we’ll get started.

Because this is new for many people, we will provide a new community host with the following:

  • Community Starter Document
  • Facilitation Overview
  • Event/Session Outreach Tools
  • Space on the Boozestorming Website for posting Events and Blogging
  • Access to Ongoing Support from the Founder, Travis Sheridan

Become a Community Host

So if you want to start your own chapter, let us know. After completing this form, we'll follow up with the final steps. Let's make magic happen. Hiccup.
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