Don Draper was on to something…

There are people who see booze and solving global problems as being mutually exclusive. Hell, some even think booze causes global problems. To those people we say, “You are so wrong.” Boozestorming is for people who like a good glass of booze and who like to get together to make the world just a little bit better. Subscribe to stay abreast of the new developments as Boozestorming will be expanding to new communities this year.



It could be any beverage, but we feel a nice boozy drink stimulates creativity.

drink responsibly



Like a well-mixed cocktail, the discussion follows a special recipe. Oh, so smooth.

think responsibly


Changing the world one sip at a time. An innovative way to create a cool new reality.

think outside the box

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The Boozestorming Communities

New communities keep popping up. Below are the current Boozestorming Communities. Guess what…we’re expanding. Want to start changing the world one sip at a time? We can help you out.

Featured Community Posts

Back to where it all began

I left Fresno in early 2012 and I’ve missed my creative peeps a bunch. Sure I’ve made many new friends in STL, but Fresno is where it all started. Boozestorming finally resurfaces and will be hosted by the ever-charming Ephiram Bosse. This is very sentimental for me and a great sense of pride. More importantly, it gives me a place to Boozestorm when in California (that is the most awesome part). I am not sure if Ephiram will boozestorm with good bourbon or good beer, but I do know it will amazingly fun....

First New Boozestorming Community is Cool to the Core

Downtown STL is great. As I mentioned in another post, that is where Boozestorming started when we arrived in STL from CA. Now it’s time for a new downtown champion to build a Boozestorming Community. Dana Kay is that awesome person and she is the host for Boozestorming Downtown STL. She told me that she even has some rooftop plans for the warmer weather. Dana is the first person to host a community (besides me, but I am the founder…kinda cheating). She is passionate, smart and ready to change the world one sip at a time. Welcome her to the Boozestorming family and get ready as she launches her first event in...

Boozestorming is getting specific in Old North STL

It is finally time. Sure, some people have heard this before, but this time it’s for real. When I launched Boozestorning in STL, I was living in a swanky downtown loft. Now that Gina and I live in Old North, Boozestorming has been a great way to show off the neighborhood we both love to death. Also, I don’t host Boozestorming for the entire city. Other people can finally do that. This Boozestorming community is now known as Old North STL Boozestorming Community. We have a community page and community-specific events. Soon there will be even more Boozestorming Communities around the country (maybe around the...