Boozestorming in STL’s first Suburb

Old North St. Louis is the city’s first official suburb and is located just outside of downtown. Boozestormers meet in a house built in 1899. Like well-aged bourbon, this home will keep you warm and propel you to new levels of creativity. When the weather permits, the group meets in the backyard. During the winter months, everyone huddles inside. Regardless, Boozestorming in Old North STL happens every month. See the session details and get ready to join the fun.

Travis Sheridan

Travis Sheridan

Community Host

Travis is the founder of Boozestorming and currently works as the executive director of Venture Café – St. Louis. His journey to that role included way too much education, working in positions for which he wasn’t entirely qualified, spending three years doing standup comedy, and the decision to throw away 15 years of personal brand equity for the opportunity to bail on California and establish roots in St. Louis. Travis likes to create situations that result in serendipitous collisions hosting monthly Boozestorming sessions do just that. Peek inside his brain at

Old North STL Community Blog

Boozestorming is getting specific in Old North STL

It is finally time. Sure, some people have heard this before, but this time it’s for real. When I launched Boozestorning in STL, I was living in a swanky downtown loft. Now that Gina and I live in Old North, Boozestorming has been a great way to show off the neighborhood we both love to death. Also, I don’t host Boozestorming for the entire city. Other people can finally do that. This Boozestorming community is now known as Old North STL Boozestorming Community. We have a community page and community-specific events. Soon there will be even more Boozestorming Communities around the country (maybe around the... read more

Upcoming Boozestorms

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Session Details

Frequency: 1st Monday of each month

Time: 6:30PM to 9:00PM

RSVP Required: Yes

Maximum Boozestormers at each session: 25

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