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A devoted group of smarties bringing Boozestorming back to its roots. There isn’t a better place to boozestorm than in downtown Fresno. We’ll fix Fresno one drink at a time and then take over the world. You ready? We’re ready? The real question is: Is the world ready?


Ephiram Bosse

Ephiram Bosse

Community Host

Random bar conversation is my favorite sport. Do you want to play?


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Back to where it all began

I left Fresno in early 2012 and I’ve missed my creative peeps a bunch. Sure I’ve made many new friends in STL, but Fresno is where it all started. Boozestorming finally resurfaces and will be hosted by the ever-charming Ephiram Bosse. This is very sentimental for me and a great sense of pride. More importantly, it gives me a place to Boozestorm when in California (that is the most awesome part). I am not sure if Ephiram will boozestorm with good bourbon or good beer, but I do know it will amazingly fun.... read more

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Frequency: TBD

Time: 8:00PM to 11:00PM

RSVP Required: Yes

Maximum Boozestormers at each session: 15


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