Cheers to C-Ville

We will provide an open, collaborative environment for students, professors, and community leaders to come together, solving the wicked problems of the world. These meetings of the minds will take place in backyards, bars, and gardens throughout the community. It sounds ambitious, Boozestorming in C-Ville happens every week. Let’s change the world one sip at a time.


Conor Flynn

Conor Flynn

Community Host

Conor is a social entrepreneur and founder of He is passionate about entrepreneurship, education, and unlocking opportunities for others. His interests include tennis, golf, canoeing, and swimming.


C-Ville Stormers Community Blog

Charlottesville is ready to Storm!

As one of the original colonies, it makes sense for the Commonwealth of Virginia to also host one of the original Boozestorming communities. Now that I think of it, I think we’ll limit the early adopting communities to the first thirteen. I’m a sucker for history. So, in Charlottesville, they will Storm. Conor, the community host, is ready and willing to do the impossible. He will host weekly Boozestorming sessions. Now, that might scale back to weekly or quarterly, but I admire the man’s spirit. If you are cruising through C-Ville, check the community page to see if there is an upcoming Boozestorm. Soon you’ll be able to plan a US tour of all the Boozestiorming... read more

Upcoming Boozestormers

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Session Details

Frequency: Weekly

Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM

RSVP Required: Yes

Maximum Boozestormers at each session: 15


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