Don Draper was on to something…

There are people who see booze and solving global problems as being mutually exclusive. Hell, some even think booze causes global problems. To those people we say, “You are so wrong.” Boozestorming is for people who like a good glass of booze and who like to get together to make the world just a little bit better. Subscribe to stay abreast of the new developments as Boozestorming will be expanding to new communities this year.



It could be any beverage, but we feel a nice boozy drink stimulates creativity.

drink responsibly



Like a well-mixed cocktail, the discussion follows a special recipe. Oh, so smooth.

think responsibly


Changing the world one sip at a time. An innovative way to create a cool new reality.

think outside the box

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The Boozestorming Communities

New communities keep popping up. Below are the current Boozestorming Communities. Guess what…we’re expanding. Want to start changing the world one sip at a time? We can help you out.

Featured Community Posts

Boozestorming has launched in the South!

“Surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you” – John Wooden We just launched the first chapter of Boozestorming in Atlanta and in the South! After hearing about Boozestorming from a friend in St. Louis, Jacey and I started the chapter to bring people together to think through ideas and issues in our city that we may not get to talk about in our day jobs, to connect people who are interested in positive change in Atlanta, and of course, to have a good glass of wine. Who: We gathered together 10 Atlantans, Almost all who lived within the city but from a range of neighborhoods around town. Our group had a nice range of professions, ranging from public health, software development, to marketing. In the future, we’d love to keep this diversity in the group. Where: We met at Foster ATL, a co-working space in Old 4th Ward. Old 4th Ward is a hub of change and development in Atlanta, and this was a great location to kick off discussions about the city. The topics:   We each came up with 1-2 topics and posted them on a wall to have an at a glance version of what was on everyone’s minds. Then, we chose 3 topics at random to discuss: What options are there for vegetarians in Atlanta? Places to dance in Atlanta that are fun and different ITP versus OTP: the age old question of bridging the city and the suburbs What we drank (and ate!): Hot Toddies Red wine Local craft beer Guacamole Snickerdoodles What we talked about: The group gravitated towards more serious...

Just Talk STL looks to change the world

Boozestorming is really taking off in St. Louis, MO and we have two new community leaders ready to start with talk, but move toward action. Raquel and Whitney are co-hosting the newest Boozestorming in the ultra-cool Central West End neighborhood. If we keep up this pace, there might be Boozestorming every week in St. Louis. Since each community takes on a life and vibe of its own, we can’t wait to see what bubbles up with Just Talk STL. Make sure to check them out. The first Boozestorming session will launch...

Rocky Mountain Boozestorming

It looks like Boozestorming is literally reaching new heights. Ashley has jumped in to launch a community in Denver and we couldn’t be more excited. Ashley first experienced Boozestorming by attending events in Old North STL. Since she moved to Denver, she wanted to take the awesomeness with her. So she did. She’ll soon start hosting monthly session on Colfax Ave and helping people change the world one sip at a time. Make sure to drink and think responsibly. Alcohol does funny things to the brain at high altitudes. This community might come up with world-changing ideas and then pass...

Oh say can UC U-City

STL now has three locations: Old North STL, Downtown STL and U-City. Three great neighborhoods with a lot of opportunities to drink outside the box. Keisha is taking a fresh approach by encouraging people to do some sightseeing while standing (or sitting) still. The thing we love is when people see the Boozestorming process as a platform that can be applied in new ways. So, check out one of her future sessions and see what there is to see in...

Charlottesville is ready to Storm!

As one of the original colonies, it makes sense for the Commonwealth of Virginia to also host one of the original Boozestorming communities. Now that I think of it, I think we’ll limit the early adopting communities to the first thirteen. I’m a sucker for history. So, in Charlottesville, they will Storm. Conor, the community host, is ready and willing to do the impossible. He will host weekly Boozestorming sessions. Now, that might scale back to weekly or quarterly, but I admire the man’s spirit. If you are cruising through C-Ville, check the community page to see if there is an upcoming Boozestorm. Soon you’ll be able to plan a US tour of all the Boozestiorming...

Boozestorming is as sweet as a peach

We welcome a dynamic duo as leaders of the Atlanta Boozestorming. Correction, The ATL! With connections to STL, I am very excited to see the family expand. Sonia and Jacey are not shy and are driven to make their community better…oh, and they think a beverage (or two) might help. So, if you are looking for a great way to get involved, bookmark The ATL community page. They will host quarterly sessions to kick things...